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Dr. Jadilyn Grittner and Dr. John Grittner along with our entire team are dedicated to giving you high-quality care without pain or anxiety. Our dental staff is professional, educated, and experienced in helping patients achieve optimum oral health and have the best dental experience ever! Take a moment to learn more about us. We look forward to seeing you at Highgrove Dental Care.


"We've been patients of Dr. Grittner since he took over. He's got a great personality and amazing skills. We've gone in for regular check ups and for difficult cases that required more immediate attention. We've always left happy. Highly recommended!"

How do professional teeth whitening treatments work?

At Highgrove Dental Care, our teeth whitening treatments bring fantastic results, and the process is customized for each patient.teeth whitening st paul mn

In our Saint Paul, MN dental office, we capture an image of your teeth prior to your teeth whitening treatment. Then we take a mold of your mouth. We use this mold to create a custom teeth-whitening tray. Finally, we provide you with prescription-strength gel.

The best part is, you can take this tray and your gel home and whiten your teeth on your time.

Also, a member of our skilled staff will give you any special instructions that you may need, including how long you should leave the gel and trays in your mouth and how often you should whiten.

When your teeth have reached the desired shade of white, we will capture another image of your teeth—a celebrated before and after duo.

Additionally, you can keep the trays in case you want to whiten your teeth in the future. However, we recommend only using prescription-strength whitening gel, which is heads above anything you’ll find in a drugstore.  

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If you’d like a whiter and brighter smile, contact Highgrove Dental Care today. The staff in our Saint Paul, MN dental office is available to answer any questions that you may have. 

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