Complete and Partial Dentures in St. Paul, MN

Partial Dentures | Dentist in St. Paul MNLosing teeth can cause serious oral health concerns and make you self-conscious about your appearance. Dentures in St. Paul, MN, however, are designed to address your oral health issues and give you back your smile.

When teeth are missing, eating and speaking are difficult. Without proper nutrition, it is hard to live your best life.

Unfortunately, many people think of dentures as uncomfortable, boxy, unnatural-looking teeth, but dentures in St. Paul have come a long way!

At Highgrove Dental Care, we create dentures that fit well and look great. More good news: you never have to go without teeth. We can have dentures ready for you on the same day as your extractions.

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What are dentures?

Dentures are plates or arches that hold replacement teeth. Generally, dentures stay in place with suction and saliva. Both the plate and replacement teeth are colored to and shaped to look like natural gums and teeth.

Partials are restoration teeth on an appliance. These teeth fill in for sporadic tooth loss as opposed to full tooth loss. Partial dentures rely on the support of existing teeth and clips to stay in place.

Will my dentures look natural?

Having dentures that fit well and look great is essential. When we create your complete dentures, we will design them to complement your facial features, gender, and skin tone. We want you to have an outcome that gives you confidence in how you look.

Partial dentures should match your existing teeth, providing a seamless appearance.

Our dental team has provided countless patients with quality dentures throughout the area and surrounding areas with amazing results. We think you’ll be pleased with your new smile.

Will my dentures fit correctly?Man with dentures in Saint Paul, MN

Having ill-fitting dentures causes pain and embarrassment. Creating a great-fitting denture is our priority. Dr. Grittner's attention to detail helps our patients achieve comfort and confidence they never thought possible.

Complete dentures – When it's necessary to replace all your teeth on your upper or lower arch, we can design full dentures on the same day of your extractions so that you do not have to live without teeth.

When designing dentures, a good fit is essential. Dentures that move when you speak and chew can cause sores and make day-to-day life difficult. Adhesives are messy and not recommended for long-term use. Having dentures that fit correctly is essential to maintain proper nutrition and active social life. Dr. Grittner’s experience gives our patients reliable, long-lasting results.

We use high-quality denture teeth in a resin base. They offer durability as well as an attractive appearance.

Partial dentures – If you are missing some of your teeth, you might be interested in partial dentures, which utilize your natural teeth as anchors to hold your partial in place. We closely match your partial denture to your natural teeth so that your smile appears seamless. Partial dentures can have a metal or resin base that supports denture teeth. We will custom design them specifically for you so that you feel confident when you smile.

Dentures generally fit well for many years, but jaw shrinkage occurs when you do not have tooth roots. Dental implant-retained dentures solve this problem.

What are dental implant-retained dentures?

When you have missing teeth, your jawbone shrinks, which means your dentures may not fit as well as they should over time. You may find yourself relying on adhesives or realigns to keep your dentures snug.

Implant-retained dentures in St. Paul, MN take care of this problem. Dental implants are small posts made from strong titanium. These posts are placed in your jaw through surgery, and a few strategically placed implants can secure an entire denture. This means no adhesives and no realigns.

Is the dental implant process painful?

Pain-free dentistry is a large part of our dental philosophy and compliments your dental experience. We believe that dentistry, considering today’s technologies, should be painless or as close to painless as possible! Our pain-free dentist would have it no other way.

We numb the area we’ll be working on with a prescription-strength numbing agent before injecting a below-the-gum anesthetic. This technique means maximum comfort and an inability to feel the anesthetic poke. You’ll be comfortable and numb before we touch your teeth and gums to begin work!

We also use OnPharma onset delivery for an accurate and effective anesthetic experience. Most pain remedies or numbing agents take time to work, but our anesthetic is in full bloom within one to two minutes. Not only is there no waiting, but the anesthetic will not wear off during your treatment or procedure.

Our top Saint Paul, MN dentist does not want anxiety or fear of pain keeping you from getting the dental care you need.

If fear and anxiety about dental pain are keeping you from implant-supported dentures, we invite you to experience pain-free dentistry in Saint Paul, MN. Our pain-free dentist and his entire team want to provide you with a memorable dental experience.

How do I know when it's time to replace my dentures?

Without the support of dental implant posts, your jawbone will shrink over time. If you notice slippage throughout the day, or you’re reapplying adhesives often, you may need to consider replacing your dentures.

Additionally, if you are getting realigns more often than in the past, or you notice chips or cracks in your denture plate, you should make an appointment with your St. Paul, MN dentist to discuss denture replacement or repair.

Periodic denture replacement is essential because you do not want your dentures to break at an inopportune moment. And you want to be able to eat your favorite foods with confidence.

At Highgrove Dental Care, we want you to have dentures that fit and a smile you can trust.

Dentures | Dentist St. Paul MNIf I have dentures, why do I need to see the dentist regularly?

Even if you have complete dentures, regular exams are still an important part of good overall health. In addition to checking your denture for cracks, damage, and a good fit, we also provide an oral cancer screening that can save your life.

Your dentures require special care. When not in use, they should be kept moist. Avoid harsh abrasives that can scratch the surface and create a harbor for bacterial growth. Dentures are breakable. If dropped, they can become damaged and require replacement or repairs.

You also want to clean your dentures daily and keep your gums clean to prevent oral infections and periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that may mean you can no longer wear dentures. Additionally, periodontal disease may contribute to systemic health problems.

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