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Do You Avoid the Dentist?

Many dental patients come to us in an emergency situation because they have avoided regular trips to the dentist. Millions of Americans suffer from some level of dental anxiety and report feeling nervous, stressed, and apprehensive about getting dental care.

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When asked, most people who avoid the dentist do so because they want to avoid pain. Those patients are not just being dramatic. Bodies react and behave differently when it comes to anesthetics. Not everyone is the same. Many patients do not feel the full effect of the anesthetic right away. That can mean painful procedures that cause unnecessary stress and suffering.

There are three reasons that some patients don't get completely numb: 1) some patients have different anatomy(their nerves are in a slightly different location than most), 2) some patients have extra nerves and, the most common reason,3) some patients are slightly more acetic so, the commonly used anesthetic is less effective for them.  There are simple solutions for all three of these problems with anesthesia and with a brief history, one of our dentists can determine which applies to you.  Often just using the appropriate anesthetic for you can make your treatment completely pain-free.

Topical Anesthetic Application

Commercial topical anesthetics are often ineffective for patients undergoing an injection. We use a custom formulated prescription combination of three topical agents to numb your tissue before you receive an injection. 

By taking this extra step, we eliminate unnecessary pain. Numbing the area before we numb your tooth via injection is a double insurance policy that you will experience comfortable treatment.

Pain-free dental injections are possible through this prescription, though few dentists offer it in general practice. We do this as a courtesy to our patients so we can offer you unsurpassed comfort and peace of mind.

A Man Smiles In The Dental Chair | Pain-Free Dentistry St. Paul, MNOnset Buffered Anesthetic

Your body needs to reach a certain pH level for the anesthetic we deliver to become effective. Some patients numb more quickly than others because their natural pH levels are higher. 

In traditional anesthetic delivery, anesthetic is applied and a waiting period occurs for the pH of your body to adjust to properly receive the effects of your anesthetic. In onset buffered anesthetic delivery, we blend the anesthetic using OnPharma delivery techniques to help your body adjust to the anesthetic within a few minutes. 

This innovative technique means more effective and faster-acting anesthetic. It reduces your time in the chair and ensures pain-free dentistry every time for every procedure.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Our entire team is completely dedicated to giving you quality pain-free dental care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. By making dentistry comfortable for patients just like you, we make getting the dental care you need easy and stress-free.

Even if you have had a negative dental experience in the past, we are confident you will find the treatment you receive at Highgrove Dental Care exceeds all your expectations. 

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Our team looks forward to welcoming you to our dental family. Even if you have stayed away from the dentist for longer than you care to admit, we are here to help you get back on track to good oral health – comfortably! So please, give our office a call today!