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Do I Need Complete or Partial Dentures?

December 23, 2020
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care Staff
couple with dentures in saint paul mn

If you have lost several teeth, you may be considering dentures as an option for tooth replacement. You may also be wondering what the difference is between complete dentures and partial dentures. How do you know which tooth replacement solution is right for your situation? 

Full or partial dentures?

The best way to find out whether full or partial dentures are right for you is to see your dentist and have an examination of your remaining teeth. If the teeth you have remaining are healthy and strong, your dentist is likely to recommend partial dentures instead of full dentures. 

Getting a full set of dentures would mean pulling the remaining healthy teeth in your mouth so your mouth could be fitted with full dentures. It is unlikely that a dentist would recommend pulling a lot of healthy or strong teeth to provide you with full dentures. 

It is always best to save as many natural teeth as possible, even if those teeth need a root canal, filling, crown, or other work. Your natural teeth support the bone in your jaw and contribute to your overall oral health. Also, with partial dentures, the remaining teeth will act as an anchor for your partial dentures.

When are complete (full) dentures recommended?

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, it is usually recommended that you get a full set of dentures. Additionally, if you are missing teeth on your upper or lower arch, full dentures will be recommended. couple with dentures in saint paul

Full dentures will provide a replacement for all of your teeth, so if you have some teeth remaining that do need to be removed, the dentist will remove those teeth before providing you with full dentures.

Where can I get full or partial dentures?

At Highgrove Dental Care in Saint Paul, MN, John Grittner, DDS and Jadilyn Nguyen Grittner, DDS use profound anesthesia and other advanced methods to give you a pain-free experience.

At Highgrove Dental Care in Saint Paul, MN, we provide full or partial dentures to patients. We can help you achieve a healthy, full smile in a comfortable, professional environment.

If you require full or partial dentures, reach out to us today for assistance. We can help you choose the denture option that is right for you and your situation.

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