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Oral Care Misconceptions

April 22, 2016
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care
Oral Care Misconceptions in St Paul MN, Highgrove Dental Care

When it comes to oral care there are numerous myths and rumors out there. Our dentists in St. Paul, can help answer any questions you may have about navigating the often confusing world or dentistry.

Brushing Harder is Not Better

Contrary to what you may think, doing battle with your toothbrush is not necessary! Not only will it wear out your toothbrush quickly, but it can also cause damage to your delicate gum tissue. Use low force and brush with the tips of your bristles. If you find you are brushing hard out of habit, try holding your toothbrush with only two fingers and your thumb!

Fancy Products Are Necessary

You don’t have to run out and buy the latest model of every electric toothbrush on the market or every new mouthwash that promises to kill 99.9% of germs. The most important thing to remember about your dental care is to keep it consistent and keep it productive. Regular brushing, flossing, dental exams, and professional dental cleanings will help you stay on track.

You Should Not Use a 3-D Printer to Create Your Own Braces

You have probably read the article about the student who created his own orthodontic aligners using a 3-D printer. This is not a good idea. It’s not about moving your teeth into alignment to look good, your teeth have a delicate balance and treating yourself orthodontically could have long-lasting negative impacts on your health including premature wear of your teeth and significant jaw problems. Teeth are sensitive and being off by one millimeter might throw off your whole bite and end up costing you thousands in repairs.

We Don’t Know if You Floss or Not

We do know! It’s not something that you can ignore for months and then do for a couple of days before your appointment and catch up. We won’t make you feel bad in our office, but we will do our best to help you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile!

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