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Dr. Jadilyn Grittner and Dr. John Grittner along with our entire team are dedicated to giving you high-quality care without pain or anxiety. Our dental staff is professional, educated, and experienced in helping patients achieve optimum oral health and have the best dental experience ever! Take a moment to learn more about us. We look forward to seeing you at Highgrove Dental Care.


"We've been patients of Dr. Grittner since he took over. He's got a great personality and amazing skills. We've gone in for regular check ups and for difficult cases that required more immediate attention. We've always left happy. Highly recommended!"

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What To Look For in a Dentist

January 20, 2022
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care

Life in St Paul, MN, is full of diversity. From hosting the second-largest Hmong population in the U.S. to our rank as the 29th most diverse city in our nation, one thing we can appreciate here is that every person has a unique set of experiences. But one thing we all have in common is that we need to care for our smiles.

At High Grove Dental Care, we applaud diversity, believing it should not be a barrier to exceptional dentistry. So to help you find the ideal dentist, we can offer a few considerations to help you choose.

Do You Experience Dental Anxiety?

Many people are surprised to hear that up to eight out of ten Americans suffer from some degree of dental anxiety, mild to severe. If you are one of these people, the odds are that your fear stems from some negative experience you had at the dentist, perhaps even when you were very young. Sometimes, this anxiety is exacerbated by the memory of pain, compounding in stress, and a potentially harmful attitude toward seeing the dentist.

But caring for your teeth is essential, which is why Drs. Jadlyn Nguyen Grittner and John Grittner specialize in reducing discomfort to the point of offering pain-free dentistry. In addition, their expertise in anesthetics and anatomy helps them ensure they use the ideal pain medication during your procedure.

We also offer onset buffered anesthetic delivery, using special techniques to help your body's specific chemistry adjust to the anesthetic within minutes. 

Multi-lingual Dentists in the Twin Cities

To serve our neighbors in the Hmong community, High Grove Dental Care has a hygienist who speaks fluent Hmong on staff.

Dr. Jadlyn also is a native speaker of Vietnamese and can assist patients who may otherwise go unserved due to the language barrier. She arrived in the United States at the age of thirteen and can understand first-hand the challenges new arrivals may face.

Look for A Dentist Near Me with Comprehensive Services

While quality and service should come ahead of convenience, we still appreciate that we lead busy lives. Another benefit to consider is a full range of dental services in one location. To save you time, we can provide:

Our team is trained with years of experience treating your oral health needs.

How To Find A Good Dentist Near St. Paul, MN

At High Grove Dental Care, we treat you as a unique individual. To learn more, contact our office today!

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