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Dr. Jadilyn Grittner and Dr. John Grittner along with our entire team are dedicated to giving you high-quality care without pain or anxiety. Our dental staff is professional, educated, and experienced in helping patients achieve optimum oral health and have the best dental experience ever! Take a moment to learn more about us. We look forward to seeing you at Highgrove Dental Care.


"We've been patients of Dr. Grittner since he took over. He's got a great personality and amazing skills. We've gone in for regular check ups and for difficult cases that required more immediate attention. We've always left happy. Highly recommended!"

Locating The Right Dentist For Your Family

June 8, 2018
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care
A family smiles in front of a wall | St. paul family dentist

Families are more health-conscious than ever, so when you are searching for the best St. Paul, MN dentist, it’s vital that their practice has all the elements necessary to care for your family’s smiles comfortably and for many years to come.

At Highgrove Dental Care, Drs. John Grittner and Jadilyn Nguyen Grittner's approach to dentistry go beyond what you will find in your average dental practice.

Pain-Free Dentistry

Because making every procedure comfortable for patients is a priority for our dentists, they introduce an innovative method for anesthetizing patients that helps even those who have difficulty getting numb experience painless dentistry.

Because patients have varying pH levels, our onset buffering anesthetic system adjusts for each patient, making it easier to get and stay numb. It also eliminates the overly numb feeling that comes when delivering high doses of local anesthetic.

We Welcome the Entire Family

From your toddler to your grandmother, we welcome patients of all ages. Because our dentists have the experience to care for patients during every life stage, we develop long-term relationships with multi-generational families where we get to celebrate children we once treated growing up and having their own kids.

If you face changes to your oral health such as pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, or other conditions, we will tailor your dental routine to support your overall health.

We Take Care of Nervous Patients

Many patients come to us with dental anxiety, which can cause them to put off necessary treatment, putting their oral health at risk.

Sedation dentistry makes stress-free dentistry a reality and opens the door for patients to have treatment and gain control of their oral health.

If you are looking for the best St. Paul, MN dentist and have questions about the services we provide, insurance plans we work with, or to find out if Highgrove Dental Care is right for you, give us a call.

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