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You Deserve Quality of Life. Implants Could Help

January 25, 2018
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care
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If you have dentures, you know how important they are to improving your confidence and helping you eat more foods you enjoy. If your dentures do not fit well or regularly fall out of your mouth when you laugh or talk, they can become a significant source of stress that ruins your quality of life.

A recent study printed in the Clinical Implant Dentistry journal reveals that implant-retained dentures improve quality of life. We offer all types of dentures in our Saint Paul dental office, including implant-retained variety.

Reliable Stability

Implant-retained dentures secure dentures in place and keep them from falling or shifting when you chew food or laughing over coffee with friends. This may limit the social interactions you feel comfortable participating in or can have a negative impact on your nutrition by eliminating healthy foods.

Your dentures are an important part of your oral health. If they slip or move, we can help with implant-retained dentures or a new set of traditional dentures. Because of changes in weight and bone quality, replacing dentures every five to eight years is usually recommended.

Bone Retention

Implants help to maintain bone levels that deteriorate after tooth loss. Tooth loss includes root loss – the part of the tooth that stimulates healthy bone quality.

Even four implants on the upper and lower arch to anchor a denture in place will help you maintain bone for longer.

Improved Facial Structure

Because of their bone-retention benefits, dental implants improve facial structure by prohibiting bone loss. Your denture will also fill out your face, which typically results in a younger, healthier appearance.

When you opt for dentures in our Saint Paul dental office, Drs. John Grittner and Jadilyn Nguyen Grittner meticulously design them so that they match your facial structure, are an appropriate shade, and look natural. 

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