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dad with tooth colored fillings in saint paul

Why Our Dentist Recommends Tooth-Colored Fillings

September 18, 2020
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care
before and after photo of tooth-colored fillings in saint paul

Modern dentistry is constantly amazing us with new technology, materials, and new ways of doing things. Even something as simple as a tooth filling gives dentists a way to improve their patients’ oral health and enhance their smiles.

And with advanced materials like composite tooth fillings, we can blur the line between what’s aesthetic and what’s restorative. Every day, our St. Paul, MN dentist places beautiful, natural-looking fillings thanks to dental composites.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Look Great

You want a solution to eliminate decay and preserve your tooth, but you also want a discreet repair that doesn’t scream, “I’ve had dental work done!” 

Our tooth-colored composite fillings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to blend seamlessly with the tooth they’re treating. Because composite tooth fillings are a blend of resin and glass particles, they mimic the translucent appearance of tooth enamel. 

Once a composite filling is expertly placed on your tooth by our St. Paul dentist, no one—not even you— will be able to detect it. Since we can create these virtually invisible repairs, we also commonly use the material for dental bonding, which corrects aesthetic flaws like chipped and broken teeth.

Help Preserve Natural Tooth Structure

Dentistry is all about preserving healthy tooth structure for as long as possible. Unlike older silver amalgam fillings that required significant alteration of the tooth, we only need to remove the decayed portion for a successful repair. The composite material is bonded directly to the tooth structure, helping to maintain its integrity.

Strong and Durable Repairs

As long as you care for them properly, white tooth fillings can last between five and seven years, sometimes longer! Brush and floss diligently to prevent cavities and gum disease, and check in with your St. Paul, MN dentist for cleanings and exams every six months. During these appointments, they will also check the condition of your filling to make sure it’s in good shape.

Want to Learn More about Tooth-Colored Fillings in Saint Paul?

Drs. John Grittner, Jadilyn Nguyen Grittner, and their team at Highgrove Dental Care recommend tooth-colored fillings because they’re strong and durable and enhance your smile. If you have a cavity and suspect you need a tooth filling, we would love to help you. 

Call our St. Paul, Minnesota dental office, and we will help you schedule an appointment.

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