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How Dental Bonding Works (and How It's Different Than Getting a Veneer)

August 28, 2018
Posted By: Highgrove Dental Care
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Finding a cosmetic dentist you trust who will discuss all of your options, not just the high-end ones, is essential because cosmetic dentistry has many more choices than ever before.

Drs. John Grittner and Jadilyn Nguyen Grittner, your St. Paul, MN, premier cosmetic dentists, have solutions ranging from simple to dramatic that give our patients the smiles they want and deserve.

Dental Bonding for Cosmetic Solutions

Dental bonding is an often overlooked cosmetic dentistry treatment. Unlike veneers, bonding is performed in the dental office without the need for a dental lab. Your dentist will use the same material used in cosmetic fillings to reshape teeth or to correct small flaws such as chips and small fractures. They can even use cosmetic dental bonding to fill in gaps and uneven spacing between the teeth.

Here is how dental bonding works.

Step #1 Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Sitting down with your dentist for a consultation will help you both determine if dental bonding will work for you. It is at this appointment that we will discuss the benefits of bonding, as well as any limitations with choosing this form of treatment.

If you decide to proceed, here is what you can expect.

Step #2 Preparing the Tooth

Any patients prefer dental bonding because it is minimally invasive and does not require the removal of a significant amount of tooth structure. Your dentist will apply a bonding agent to the tooth to seal the composite to the tooth structure.

Step #3 The Perfect Shade

Choosing the correct shade to blend in with your tooth is essential. Your dentist will ensure a great match! We will then apply the composite in layers, hardening each layer and polishing the tooth’s final layer to a shine that looks seamless.

For a St. Paul, MN cosmetic dentist who will work with you for great results that fit into your budget, give Highgrove Dental Care a call. We always welcome new patients.

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