Family Dentistry in St. Paul, MN

A Family Smiles For A Portrait | Family Dentist St. Paul, MN"My experience with Highgrove and Dr. O'Neill has spanned most dental care from cleaning to fillings to extractions and replacements with no pain during or after procedures. Dr. O'Neill is not only skilled but considerate, and has assembled individuals who are talented in their fields and who compose a caring staff." - Louanne Howard Vitek 


We welcome patients of all ages to our St. Paul family dentist practice. By offering personalized dental care to patients at every life stage, we provide families with convenience, continuity of care, and familiarity when it comes to their dental treatment. 

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry in St. Paul, MN

Enjoying good health increases your quality of life. Dentistry is no different! The best dentistry focuses on prevention and early detection. At Highgrove Dental Care, Terry O’Neill, DMD, offers exceptional preventive care so that our patients can enjoy optimum dental health and beautiful smiles.

Simply by maintaining recommended profession dental exams and oral hygiene schedules, you can avoid many of the most common dental conditions that patients experience. We can help you prevent both periodontal disease and decay by monitoring your oral health and making appropriate recommendations for dental visits.

Our comprehensive dental exams include a complete medical history, decay detection, periodontal evaluation, and oral cancer screening. Dr. O’Neill’s experience in practice gives our patients reliability they trust and value.

Our dental hygiene team expertly meets our patients’ needs. Whether you need a routine dental cleaning or periodontal treatment, you can count on thorough, gentle cleanings that help your gums stay healthy. By maintaining your periodontal health, you are supporting your overall health. Researchers link gum disease to many serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, and low birth-weight babies.

Protective Restorative Dentistry in 55116

A Multi- Generation Family Smiles | St. Paul MN Family DentistryMost people will need at least one dental restoration in their lifetimes. Whether you experience decay or a fractured tooth, we offer aesthetic, comfortable, strong, and high-quality restorations to treat your condition. 

We offer fillings and dental crowns that are both protective as well as functional, and we use high-quality materials in all of our restorative work.

Personalized Treatment Plans

By treating families, we have the opportunity to get to know our patients and gain a meaningful understanding of their oral health needs. We never treat patients with a generic treatment plan. Instead, we take into account your medical history, your health goals, and your current conditions in order to design treatment that will give you exceptional oral health. We will explain your conditions and treatment so that you understand all your options and make a decision that works best for you. As your needs change, we will offer advice and expertise to guide you toward a healthy, comfortable smile.

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We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our office. We value long-term relationships with patients built on trust. You receive the best value from your dentistry when it is done right the first time.

We look forward to providing you and your loved ones with the care and quality you deserve.