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We feature pain-free and sedation dentistry to make your patient experience comfortable and relaxed. Even if you have had difficulty getting and staying numb or you have some catching up to do when it comes to your dentistry, we can help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. We look forward to welcoming your entire family to our Saint Paul, MN dental office.

Dr. O'Neill

With over thirty years of experience, Dr. O'Neill offers high-quality, reliable results to our patients seeking general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. Our entire team is committed to providing you with an outstanding experience consistently.


"Dr. O'Neill is a perfectionist! He knows the latest techniques and has the most updated equipment. He is very thorough in his assessments and is knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. Great, friendly staff. Very professional." - Mary Dunnavan

I have a toothache. Should I see the dentist?

a man holds his jaw in pain | st paul dentistYou feel a twinge of discomfort in your tooth that starts to become more uncomfortable throughout the day. Do you contact the dentist or wait until the pain goes away? Especially if it is the weekend, you may feel apprehensive about making a special trip to the dental office.

Here’s why you should contact your St. Paul dentist, Dr. Terry O’Neill, right away.

Tooth Pain Means That Something Is Wrong

Any tooth pain – mild or severe – is an indication that something is wrong. It may not be a serious issue, but the only way to find out is to have a dental exam with your dentist. If you do not have a regular dentist, we welcome new patients on an emergency basis.

A call to our office does not necessarily mean you need to come in right away. A phone call with Dr. O’Neill will help us determine if you need an emergency appointment.

Tooth Pain Can Worsen Quickly

A small annoyance can quickly become a significant pain. Dental conditions, especially an abscess or infection, can advance quickly and leave you feeling desperate. We can help.

We Will Try to Save Your Tooth

As certain conditions progress, an extraction may be the only option. Don’t put your tooth and smile at risk. Just give us a call, and we will do everything we can to restore your comfort and your health!

Patient Testimonial:Patient Testimonial | Emergency Dentistry | Highgrove Dental Care, St. Paul

When my sons tooth was knocked out we panicked... within about three minutes Dr. O'Neill called us right back and we met him down at the office within a half ... Read More

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