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We feature pain-free and sedation dentistry to make your patient experience comfortable and relaxed. Even if you have had difficulty getting and staying numb or you have some catching up to do when it comes to your dentistry, we can help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. We look forward to welcoming your entire family to our Saint Paul, MN dental office.

Dr. O'Neill

With over thirty years of experience, Dr. O'Neill offers high-quality, reliable results to our patients seeking general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry. Our entire team is committed to providing you with an outstanding experience consistently.


"Dr. O'Neill is a perfectionist! He knows the latest techniques and has the most updated equipment. He is very thorough in his assessments and is knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. Great, friendly staff. Very professional." - Mary Dunnavan


How We Customize Dentures

dentures st. paul mn

Dentures are often made of acrylic and plastic to be lightweight and comfortable. These materials also make dentures durable and able to fit your mouth easily. Dentists can even personalize dentures with shading and add small imperfections for a more natural result. 

There are a few necessary steps to create the best dentures for you, and Dr. O’Neil and our caring staff will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way, including insurance questions or pricing.

Your Denture Evaluation

Getting dentures starts with a comprehensive evaluation and exam by Dr. O’Neil. This includes:

  • X-rays to measure bone loss and examine other issues
  • Impressions of your mouth to help mold ...

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Why Sedation Dentistry May Be Right for You

sedation dentistry st paul mn | helping with dental anxiety

It’s sometimes hard to know when it is the right time to seek sedation dentistry to ease any anxiety or discomfort during treatment. If you need a St. Paul sedation dentist, give Highgrove Dental Care a call. We offer sedation and a unique anesthetic system to make treatment more comfortable and stress-free.

You Feel Gaggy When Having Dental Work

If you have a strong gag reflex, we have a solution! Sedation dentistry relaxes the mind, but it also relaxes the muscles at the back of the throat to make it less likely for you to gag.

When you are not worried about gagging and possibly vomiting, you can have the dental care ...

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How to Care for Your New Dental Implant

dental implants st. paul mn | caring for your dental implant

If you recently had dental implants in our St. Paul dental office, or you are currently undergoing dental implant treatment, you know the value of having your smile back again. Now that you can eat all of the foods you love again, taking care of that dental implant is likely a priority for you.

We want you to get the most out of your dental implants, so here is some advice on how to best look after your new dentistry.

Don’t Skip Dental Appointments

Your regular preventive dental appointments are the best insurance policy to protect your smile. Missing even just a few of them makes it possible for oral conditions ...

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A Short (but Interesting!) History of Dentures

an image of full dentures | dentures st. paul mn

Many people have a negative notion of dentures because of the appearance and function that many of us experienced watching our grandparents struggle with them.

If you are in St. Paul, MN and think dentures might be the tooth replacement option for you, you can count on a great result from Dr. Terry O’Neill at Highgrove Dental Care.

Dentures have come a long way.

Early Dentures 700 BC

Dentures first made their appearance on the smile scene in about 700 BC when, in Italy, artisans created dentures out of human or animal teeth. This remained the popular choice well into the 1800s, though they deteriorated quickly, especially with rough diets. In the mid-1800s, sugar ...

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How Dental Bonding Works (and How It's Different Than Getting a Veneer)

closeup of a smile | dentist in st paul

Finding a cosmetic dentist you trust who will discuss all of your options, not just the high-end ones, is essential because cosmetic dentistry has many more choices than ever before.

Dr. Terry O’Neill, your St. Paul, MN, premier cosmetic dentist, has solutions ranging from simple to dramatic that give our patients the smiles they want and deserve.

Dental Bonding for Cosmetic Solutions

Dental bonding is an often overlooked cosmetic dentistry treatment. Unlike veneers, bonding is performed in the dental office without the need for a dental lab. Dr. O’Neill will use the same material he uses in cosmetic fillings to reshape teeth or to correct small flaws such as chips and small fractures. ...

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3 Reasons Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

a woman looks nervously at her dentist | sedation dentist st paul mn

Patients search for a St. Paul, MN dentist who offers sedation dentistry for a variety of reasons. At Highgrove Dental Care, we may recommend that patients try sedation dentistry for the following reasons.

Sedation Dentistry Helps with Dental Anxiety

If you have a fear of the dentist or you experience stress when in the dental office, sedation dentistry can calm your nerves and make it possible to relax during your visit.

Sedation dentistry utilizes prescription medication to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of wellbeing. Most patients have little or no memory of their actual procedure, which is something they truly appreciate if the dental chair is not their favorite place to be.

Sedation ...

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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Procedure for You

A woman smiles at her self in the mirror | Cosmetic Dentist St. Paul MN

If you’re ready to improve your smile, it’s time to find a St. Paul, MN cosmetic dentist to help you decide which cosmetic procedure is right for you. Dr. Terry O’Neill will be happy to go over your options. It’s a great idea to pinpoint what exactly you would like to improve when it comes to the appearance of your teeth.

You Want a Whiter Smile

At Highgrove Dental Care, we offer a few options to brighten your smile.

Professional teeth whitening – Professional teeth whitening provides great results for stains caused by food, tobacco, and coffee.

Porcelain veneers – We can cover stubborn stains with gorgeous restorations that improve the color, shape, and ...

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