Invisalign Clear Aligners in St. Paul, MN

A straight smile is certainly beautiful and can light up the room. But a straight smile is more than just good looks and cosmetic dentistry. Did you know that teeth with proper alignment are also healthier and easier to care for? It’s true. Overlapping and crowded teeth can collect plaque and bacteria. Crooked teeth also wear unevenly and might cause jaw joint or bite issues. 

At our St. Paul dental office, we offer Invisalign as an alternative for our adult and older teen patients who want straight smiles without metal brackets and wires. Invisalign clear braces let you have a straight smile with orthodontic treatment that’s easy to keep secret.

How Invisalign Clear Aligners Work

Instead of brackets and wires that require adjustments, Invisalign braces rely on clear aligner trays that gradually move teeth into proper alignment. In most cases, small tooth-colored buttons on the teeth give the aligners more power to straighten teeth fast – often far shorter times than traditional braces. Once treatment is complete, we remove the small attachments from the teeth, and no one will know they were ever there.

Here’s how easy it is to get started with Invisalign:Clear aligners | Dentist St. Paul MN

  1. You'll have an orthodontic exam with Dr. Norah Hoverson.
  2. She will take x-rays, photos, and impressions of the teeth for your treatment plan.
  3. We will send this information to our Invisalign lab.
  4. You'll have an Invisalign consultation with Dr. Hoverson to discuss your timeline.
  5. You'll come to our dental office to receive your aligners and begin treatment.

Regular appointments with Dr. Hoverson at our St. Paul dental office will ensure that your Invisalign treatment stays on track. In most cases, we will need to book far fewer appointments than with metal or ceramic braces.

Why Our Patients Love Invisalign

Invisalign clear aligners have several advantages over traditional braces. Rather than fixed brackets and wires, Invisalign clear aligners are removable. You can take them out to eat and clean your teeth. This can mean less of a chance of decay and gum disease during treatment because keeping your teeth clean and free of food debris is so much easier.

Patients also love that they don’t have to give up their favorite foods. Invisalign lets you eat all of the crunchy fruits and vegetables and popcorn you like without worrying about breaking an orthodontic wire. This is because you are able to remove your trays to eat and to drink hot liquids.

Many busy adult professionals and teens heading off to college don’t want the world to know that they have braces. Invisalign gives our St. Paul dental patients convenience and privacy when it comes to their smiles. We have chosen to offer Invisalign at Highgrove Dental Care because of the advanced treatment planning options and time-tested results.

Guidelines for Invisalign Treatment

Woman using Invisalign | Dentist Saint Paul MNFollowing a few basic guidelines will ensure that you get the most out of your Invisalign treatment. 

  • Wear aligners for approximately 22 hours per day.
  • Keep aligners clean to prevent decay and gum disease.
  • Keep aligners out of hot cars and away from pets.
  • Stay on schedule with changing your aligners – about every one to two weeks.
  • Let us know if you lose or damage your aligner trays.
  • Be sure to use your retainer once the treatment is complete.

Contact Our St. Paul, MN Dental Office

If you want a straight smile that looks and feels incredible, contact us for an orthodontic exam with Dr. Hoverson and learn more about your options to fix crooked teeth and enjoy better dental health.